Our Disclosure Letter

16 Apr

While there were many friends and family members that we shared our news of transformation with personally, there were those that lived away or with whom we didn’t speak with often enough. So, before we sent out this year’s annual holiday card, my husband and I wrote letters and e-mails to those folks that we didn’t disclose to personally or on the phone. Here is a sampling of what went out. Hope it helps you 🙂

Hi _______________!

Well, this is kinda a weird e-mail to send- and I have been meaning to send it for awhile now…____ and we are guessing that it will be the first of its kind for you!- we sure the hell haven’t rec’d one of these ourselves. We wanted to share that ____ has begun to transition from female to male and has already changed his name to _____.  Through careful self-exploration, family talks, and therapy we have all come to understand and embrace the truth of this for him.
As you have been a terrific friends for years – friends that we really admire- we wanted to let you know.  _____ and I know this could be confusing for you as it was for us in the beginning. We would be very happy to discuss any questions you might have!

Our love and support for _____ is complete!  We appreciate your friendship as our family helps ______ through any challenge that may lie

Love to you! _____ and _______


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