Unlearning the “Trapped in the Wrong Body” Narrative

11 Jul
You may have watched this week’s Dateline NBC piece about the 11-year-old transgender girl, Josie Romero of Tucson, Arizona. While I was watching, I thought about the strength and courage in took Josie and her parents to share such a private journey with the world. I imagined families with trans-children connecting with Josie’s struggle of anxiously awaiting hormone blockers and hormone therapy while the debate continued if these steps were “appropriate”. The piece made me worry for Josie- adolescence can be challenging enough without the world (literally!)being privy to one’s intimate details.

The following link will take you to Janet Mock’s webpages “Fish Food for Thought”. Janet is not only beautiful, but more importantly, intelligent and articulate. She discusses her reaction to Dateline’s almost immediate and expected question to Josie,“Do you feel trapped in the wrong body?”. I hope you will take time to read Janet’s “Trans in the Media: Unlearning the “Trapped” Narrative & Taking Ownership of Our Bodies”. Take a tour of Janet’s site, her other posts and her videos. Enjoy!


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