Generation LGBTQIA

7 Feb

Generation LGBTQIA

It’s been a long while since I have actually sat down to blog. In a way, this is a positive thing…life has found it’s routine and all things transgender are no longer the daily focus (concern!) of my life. I actually wish the same for all of you out there: that your expression of self and your acceptance of your family and friends’ identities does NOT require effort…I am hopeful that one day, we can get to a place where we just ARE.

These days, I do not  worry about my son: I have confidence in him and the journey he has chosen. While I haven’t seen him since our summer vacation (he lives in another state), I am buoyed by  texts,  calls, and pictures received online – I have proof he is happy, healthy and purposeful! Rather than flying home in November or December, his own winter holidays were filled with activities and celebrations with those that make up his new family : his partner, her children, his best friend and her son, and their loving friends.  This is a parents’ dream after all: to have your child grow up to be independent and enjoying life. Of course, I MISS HIM TERRIBLY- but I no longer fret about his transition!

He will be home soon for a visit and I am counting the days until he arrives. In his absence,  I am typically careful to use the correct pronouns when he frequents conversation. However,  I worry that during his visit,  I will lapse into some sort of uncontrollable “Pronoun Tourette Syndrome” wherein I incessantly call out female pronouns to his horror. Other than that fear, I look forward to having him within hugging distance!

I am attaching a great little article here that was really eye-opening for me. Have  you ever been in a LGBT support group and have felt like it isn’t a good fit? As the focus of the group is about accepting folks’ sexuality and you’re in the room thinking, “…ugh…so what? That’s such a non-issue, right? I’m here about something else”. As if the “T” is simply tacked on?…well, this article explains how some groups are facing the notion of identity as “being distinct from sexual orientation”. These are gender AND identity bending times! I loved how this article helped me stretch my understanding of identity! Let me know what you think!


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