Leslie Lagerstrom: Meeting Sam’s Teachers

12 Mar

Leslie Lagerstrom: Meeting Sam’s Teachers

Please click on the link above and read this brief blog from an obviously loving mother who is doing her very best to support her son in school.

Let’s face it: the middle school years are brutal for even those of us who conform and can slide through without drawing too much attention to ourselves. But deviate from the norm? You are immediately set up for ridicule!

Sam’s mom is attempting to shield her son from even the ADULT version of such persecution. As an educator, I am routinely horrified to hear of teachers (like some of Sam’s) who are not even willing to think outside of the box in an effort to provide the most supportive environment for students! Unfortunately, Sam’s mother walked away from the introductions to her son’s teachers worrying that at least two of them did not hear his needs and if ANY of them are really going to follow through. 

Our children need to feel safe and secure EVERYWHERE- ESPECIALLY at school! As an educator, I respect the gravity of my position. It is through my modeling (every minute!) that my students learn how to treat one another and that respect belongs to each- ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS! Unfortunately, our society has to learn…and this education often takes a most excruciatingly slow and circuitous road.

As moms, there is NO DELAY! Follow the example of Sam’s mom and be the voice of reason your child deserves!


2 Responses to “Leslie Lagerstrom: Meeting Sam’s Teachers”

  1. Julia Diamond March 12, 2013 at 11:07 pm #

    As mom of a transfemale, I found this article gut wrentching.  The transition is so so difficult for the person going through it, and so hard on the parents that stand by and see their child being ridiculed and made to feel less than human.  It’s just maddening!


    • transmom April 1, 2013 at 3:53 am #

      If only ALL parents could experience the frustration, fear, worry, dismay…if only just for a short time so that there could be more compassion and understanding!

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