Gender Idenity is NOT Simply Body Parts!

13 Mar

Gender Idenity is NOT Simply Body Parts!

Check out the link above!  This is the same little girl and her parents that visited the Katie Couric Show recently. It is a shame that she is not able to speak for herself- the short interview clip with her is not really that compelling. However, the commentary from Donna Rose on the web page will be interesting- and I hope – persuasive for CNN readers!

This will be an interesting case to follow: when an individual (young or older) has identified as a gender BOTH socially and legally, when will it be their RIGHT to actually use the bathroom of their choice? No, not to use a DIFFERENT bathroom…but the SAME bathroom as his/her gender identified peers. When, oh when, will we stop believing that Separate But Equal has been abolished?! It is alive and living with our transgender children every day.

Moms- Let us support ALL children who seek to live authentic lives!


2 Responses to “Gender Idenity is NOT Simply Body Parts!”

  1. Julia Diamond March 13, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

    Beautifully written…thanks for sharing this insightful and heartfelt article.


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