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Study on Gender Nonconformity in Children

4 Mar
I am passing this along this information from our family support group in Los Angeles. In case you live in the LA area, the team from the University of Washington will be conducting interviews at the Tranforming Families meeting on Sunday, March 9. Please read the info below and go onto the website to learn more!
Hi from the Social Cognitive Development lab at the University of Washington! We are researchers interested in gender development in children and have a new research project we are currently recruiting families for. The project aims to better understand gender development by studying the topic in gender nonconforming and gender conforming children. Our new study takes 30 minutes and includes children from ages 3-17. We will be running the study in Los Angeles. We are hoping to recruit gender nonconforming children as well as their gender conforming siblings (where applicable). Payment is $10 per parent and $10 plus a small toy per child. There is an optional longitudinal component that we can tell you more about as well if you are interested. To read more about the work going on in our lab please see our lab’s website at: (CLICK on the Research tab)