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Supporting our Children- Making Advances!

25 May

I live in the Los Angeles area. We have a FABULOUS family group support through the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.  Many e-mails are exchanged by the members of this support group to plan events for the children, schedule support meetings, or to share articles and concerns.

This past week, there was a flurry of such e-mails discussing an upcoming local community’s Board of Education meeting. The Board was about to vote on whether transgender students would be able to use the restroom based on the gender they identify with. I am discouraged and saddened to share that the families that attended that meeting were faced with ugly hatred as several adults spoke to deny transgender access to bathrooms of choice. However, thanks to local PFLAG support, an Episcopalian priest, a teacher from the local high school  and courageous and vocal parents and their awesome trans-teen that were willingness to speak openly and honestly, the vote passed in support! These may be small advances, but they are moves in the right direction! This is how change works!

You can read a local article here:

Great Video

25 May

Check this out! I love their candid responses!

Portraits of Transgender Kids

17 May

Portraits of Transgender Kids

Take a moment to look at some of these portraits of Dutch photographer, Sarah Wong.  Her project is called Inside Out: Portraits of Cross-Gender Children from 2003 Photographing children who have changed, or are in the process of changing, their gender because they feel different to the one that they were born.

More Proof That We Are On Our Way!!

5 May

The largest of the historically all female “Seven Sisters” colleges, Smith College will be altering its policy to accept transgender women! This private liberal arts college is located located in Northampton, Massachusetts. The highly selective institution has an undergraduate enrollment on campus of approximately 2,500 young women. The new policy will take affect for those applying this fall.Smith had previously enrolled only those who had identified as female from birth, but now have changed their enrollment practices as the “concepts of female identity has evolved.” Other women’s colleges such as Mount Holyoke and Wellesley also now admit transgender women.