Caitlyn Jenner’s Reveal

2 Jun

The stats say that only 9% of the population actually KNOWS someone transgender personally. No wonder so many folks have been anticipating Bruce Jenner’s revelation that she is now Caitlyn. So many of us that DO have a transgender individual close to us have been holding our collective breaths, hoping that her coming out would be met with decency. Today was the day- and I give Caitlyn credit for her demonstration of tremendous courage!

I will admit that my first reaction to seeing her Vanity Fair cover was disappointment…I hadn’t wanted the first picture to conjure up “Bruce in drag”. But after a moment of taking in the Annie Lebowitz photography- I mean, THIS is exactly what Lebowitz does cover after cover- Hollywood Glam- I altered my thinking. Perhaps I was being too sensitive. Then, I had to laugh: at 65, Caitlyn looks WAY better this 59 year-old gal- and I was downright delighted for her!

There are positives to be gained by this individual’s choosing such a formidable public change: so many older folks know, love and respected Bruce. This transformation feels like it is happening to someone the public actually KNOWS personally. The former Bruce was as “masculine” as anyone in the entire world…and what greater proof that all that persona provided- wealth, fame, respect…meant nothing and did not bring contentment. Authenticity is all that really matters.

And while we are thrilled that Caitlyn will live her truth, we must remember: she looks amazing after paying for surgeries that VERY FEW can afford. She doesn’t have to worry about gainful employment the way in which our transgender daughters and sons struggle with daily. Safety? She can hire a team of bodyguards- not so lucky are our brutalized children. Yes, she probably will not worry again consider suicide…unfortunately, as we watch Caitlyn successfully transition with respect and dignity, our children, who are without privilege, are denied the same experience.

While we celebrate Cailtyn’s new life, let’s please remember what our children have to face and step up next to them with love and support!


2 Responses to “Caitlyn Jenner’s Reveal”

  1. Sarah June 2, 2015 at 3:55 pm #

    What Caitlyn and our kids have in common is courage! My own child grew up a shy, nearly introverted young man, came out about 6 months ago and is planning to live 100% of the time as female by the end of July.

    I know how self conscious I have been just showing up at work with a new hair color! The courage it takes to come out to family, friends and professional associates is unbelievable!!! My formerly shy child is now becoming a confident young woman of 29.

    Her transitioning has truly been the right thing. We are meeting for dinner tonight to celebrate her 29th birthday. With her permission, we have found a voice coach to help her with her feminine voice. HaPpY bIrThDaY!

    • transmom June 2, 2015 at 6:20 pm #

      Yay Sarah!! Just imagine the years of joy, satisfaction and contentment that your are giving your child instead of her experiencing what Caitlyn has endured her 65 years!! Happy Birthday to your daughter, indeed!!!

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