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HEALTHY transgender children!!

1 Mar

A new study (in the journal, Pediatrics) from the University of Washington’s TransYouth Project has revealed exciting news for each of us mothers to consider and be aware!! Children that have transitioned (living as their identified gender) WITH SUPPORT and ACCEPTANCE were happy, healthy and well, living normal well-adjusted lives just like their cis-gendered peers! Music to any mom’s ears!!

Most studies note the worrisome (let’s be honest- frightening!!) statistics of transgender lives that are associated with trauma and sadness. There are highly reported incidences of depression, suicide, and existence on the fringes of communities. Those are very real statistics come from the teenagers and adults who have struggled for years with burying their identities before honoring the identities they know to be authentic. These teens and adults have had to fight for their families members and communities to acknowledge and believe what they know to be their truths.

However, this new longitudinal study includes 180 young children that have found acceptance within their families! They have been provided with support not only through their families, but at school, as well. These children received medical support, counseling and access to support groups. All this in a social climate of change and perhaps, greater acceptance in their communities. These new conditions just may be the game-changers in the lives of our transgender community!

As these children develop and grow, their lives will be followed and studied. These 180 transgender children have very REAL opportunities to change the expectation of depression and victimization to, instead,  lives of joy and contentment- and all in thanks to loving parents who are facing real challenges in acceptance and advocacy! This brings GREAT hope and CONFIDENCE that a successful future for our transgender children  awaits!!