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Being There for our Children!

6 Jul

Each of us desires to be the very best parent we can be! We want to be effective whenever our kids need us most! And because each life brings it’s own challenges, we are certain to be called upon to step up to support our children. Some of these challenges are more painful than others. Some can bring us to our knees! Other challenges teach us more than we ever anticipated!

My journey as the mother of a transgender adult child was one such experience for me. I knew no other transgender folks. I knew no other parents of transgender kids. I felt alone. I feared for my child’s health and future. Initially I groused,  “I did not sign up for this,” but it soon became clear that this would become one of the most important learning experiences in my life. I learned that ‘unconditional love’ is not as automatic as I had assumed. It turned out that I was much more judgmental (yikes!) and critical (sigh!) than I imagined or hoped myself to be. These realizations would later come to inform future interactions and encounters while requiring much needed self-reflection.  My son’s gender identity turned out to be a tremendous gift to me!

Below is a link to a great article with sound and practical suggestions. Please take the time to click on the link to learn more!