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Impactful Educators- and Yes! They Just Happen to be Transgender!

14 Apr

As an educator myself, I was especially moved by the words of fellow teachers who make a difference through their authenticity. Let’s be honest: coming out a transgender is a huge risk! Frequently, in the school setting, this leads to greater scrutiny from parents and administrators. Despite beig put in positions that cause these transgender educators to prove themselves when their colleagues do not have to and to risk working against bias, these teachers stand in front of their students bravely each and every day knowing that their authenticity is what truly makes a difference! As one teacher said,”My gender adds to these skills, rather than detracts; my experiences have taught me sensitivity to differences, the importance of representation and inclusivity in education and the importance of practicing empathy in the classroom.”

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Transgender Teachers: in Their Own Voices

It’s About Time We Start to Turn the Train Around!

14 Apr

Our children deserve to be safe and valued while in school! This means being ACCEPTED! Using the restroom that aligns to one’s presentation and personal identity is NECESSARY! Several states and several major cities have ALREADY supported transgender people’s bathroom access for YEARS! It has been proven in the public as well as in schools that already have this as a standard, that using the bathroom that aligns with your identity does NOT have to be a big deal….you walk into the restroom. You do your business.

A major argument that deniers of transfolks using the bathroom of choice is that cisgendered folks (particularly women) will be “in danger”. In a large survey of transgender Americans conducted by the Williams Institute in 2013, it was concluded that 70% of respondents have been either denied access, harassed, or even assaulted in public bathrooms. So it isn’t cisgender people who are going to suffer at the hands of transgender people using the bathroom – it’s the opposite way around! Trans people just want to use the bathroom in peace, but too often, it can become a dangerous situation.

I am hopeful that decisions like the one outlined in the article below will help turn the “fear” train around!!

Check out this article:
Federal Judge Sides with Transgender Teen in Challenge Over School Locker Rooms

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