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Wonderful Journals! For You AND your Kid’s Journeys!

27 Aug

I think often about how support is available these days for parents and their children that struggle with different issues, like Autism or Diabetes. There is certainly much more available to read concerning parenting a transgender child and more parent support groups now than there were 7 years ago when I began my journey as a mother of a transgender kid. But, MORE resources are still needed!

I am delighted to share a NEW resource that will serve to inspire, keep you grounded, and lighten the journey! My Parenting Journey with a Transgender Child: A Journal and Wonderfully and Purposely Made: I am Enough, A Journal All About Me, are written with you and your child in mind! Author Cheryl B Evans has designed these journals with the goal “to bring peace, light and affirming messages to transgender people and their families”.  Cheryl told me that journals made a huge impact on her in the months and years after her (then) daughter revealed to her that she was transgender. I also found that journaling helped focus my crazed thoughts and worries after my son came out to me! Journaling is something that I often recommend as it helps us focus and give purpose to our thinking. It gives us control at a time when we can frequently feel OUT of control!

Unlike the blank pages that Cheryl and I had to look at while finding inspiration, Cheryl’s journals are filled with thought-provoking prompts, quotes and affirmations, and even drawings to color (talk about calming!!). I found many of the pages really helpful, such as “Practicing a Healthy Mind”, “Considering Family Members”, and “Ways to Focus on Gratitude”. Cheryl is able to offer us authentic guidance for our journaling because she has walked our walk herself!

I love Cheryl’s idea of a separate and specific journal for our kids. I am Enough provides a positive direction for our children. The chapters include, “Who I am”, “Happiness and Joy”, “Dreams and Goals”, and “Health”. Again, there are spaces provided in which to artfully create.

Cheryl said, “Journals made a huge impact on me in the months and years after Jordan revealed to me he was transgender. I hope these books can serve others in a way that is equally rewarding.”

Click on the links below to purchase these terrific books!

My Parenting Journal

Wonderfully and Purposefully Made



9 Aug

Great Event !! It can be difficult to find positive opportunities for our young ones! Check this out!!

Click Below: RAINBOW SUMMER FESTIVAL this Saturday, August 11, 2018 at the LA LGBT center.


Rainbow Summer Festival

Interesting Article

2 Aug

I love reading about trans folks in other countries. It seems to be easy to find news about the struggles for trans-acceptance and safety, so I always enjoy reading about how folks push past the struggle and enjoy life!

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Trans Footballers in Brazil