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A Photographic Tribute to Older Transgender Adults

4 Sep

This NEW BOOK looks amazing!

I love photography, so I really am looking forward to the portraits and interviews with older transgender people in this new book! To Survive on This Shore, by photographer and author Jess T. Dugan and social worker and author Vanessa Fabbre, spent five years traveling to bring us an important narrative that is not often reported upon.

We typically read about young transgender individuals and their challenges coming out. In To Survive on This Shore, we will be introduced to older transgender and gender-variant people living their lives authentically and sharing their feelings about their journeys.

The new book will be in stock from Amazon on September 11, 2018.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief article for you to check out about the book and the authors:

To Survive on This Shore

12 Year Old Transgender Girl Driven Out of Town

1 Sep

This is an example of the sad reality of the backsliding this Administration has caused by rescinding the right for our children to use the bathroom of the gender for which they identify.

Watching this is painful…yet, NECESSARY! We need to be diligent in ensuring laws are changed!! Let your elected representatives know you are outraged!

After watching, ask yourself:                                                                                                       How would have these community members and school administration handled this if she had actually used the boy’s bathroom as they demanded? I believe you will agree with me that after meeting this GIRL, you KNOW that requiring anyone to use the bathroom that matches physical body parts is NOT appropriate or safe!

Thanks for watching! Click here:   Transgender Girl Driven Out of Town