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“The Truth About Transgender Suicide”

26 Nov

Here’s a topic that we mothers of transgender children (no matter their age) want to be reminded of, much less discuss! Suicide is frightening. And it’s, unfortunately all too real!

When suicide is discussed, we are frequently reminded of the frightening statistic that states that 40% of transgender folks have attempted suicide.  This two year old article does a great job of exposing the WHY behind the scary statistics that haunt us.

The transgender folks that are more likely to consider and attempt suicide are those who feel rejected by their families and those who do not feel supported in their identities.  THIS IS CRITICAL FOR US TO HEAR!! Because it is common that our transgender children and family members face social discrimination in housing, employment, and in access to health care, we need to understand that these lack of protections put our transgender family members at at further risk. Additionally, when transgender individuals do not “pass” and are instead identified as trans, they are more likely to attempt suicide than those that take hormones, have surgery and can behave and be accepted as any other individual in the community.

We need to embrace our children completely- their identities ARE our children! Remember to tell your child that you love and appreciate them- tell them TODAY!!

Important Suicide Information


5 Nov

These are (again) times that are potentially frightening and even more dangerous for our transgender children and family members! Their existence cannot be discounted or erased!! Allowing the current administration to continue unchecked, will do just that! We DESPERATELY NEED representatives that will represent our collective voices!!


Here is the proof that the world needs to heed…This is what our communities need to hear…NOT the small-minded dismissal of our children!!

Over 1,600 scientists condemn Trump transgender proposal!

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