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How Awesome is this Support??!!!

30 Jan

LBGTQ CU Boulder flag

The School of Education and the University of Colorado, Boulder, proudly supports the transgender and non-binary community! In the following article, they state,

“We want to state this as clearly and simply as possible: the broad scientific consensus is that gender is not binary. We live in a world with transgender people, and we always have. Governments and others assign a legal sex category at birth, usually based on anatomical characteristics; but this does not change the reality of a spectrum of gender identities. There is simply no other conclusion about the nature of sex and gender that is morally or scientifically valid.”

Read more of this department’s  wonderful efforts! Click here: Transgender Support

Being Trans is NOT a Fad!!!

10 Jan

YOUR CHILD BEING TRANSGENDER IS NOT A RESULT OF THEM RESPONDING TO A FAD!!! This can be a matter of a life well-lived or literally death for some of our children who feel discarded and dismissed. Too many of our children are questioned and doubted when they come to us to disclose what they know: their identity is other that we assume. They are transgender.

Jennifer Finney Boylan’s well written opinion piece in the New York Times is a MUST READ!

She notes, “… if you want your children’s life to be hard, the quickest way to that end is to tell them that their deepest sense of self is nothing but a fad, and that you know them better than they know themselves.”

Please read and pass along! This is incredibly important information!

Click this link to read:

Coming Out as Trans Isn’t a Teenage Fad