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4 Feb

In a support group to which I belong, someone asked about “rapid-onset gender dysphoria”. One of our parents shared this important information:

This is NOT a real term. Instead, it is meant to sound official and medical. This is being used to scare parents and everyone out there into believing that we are being too quick to in taking teens’ expression of gender seriously.

THIS IS HARMFUL PROPAGANDA! Gender dysphoria is NOT a phase or due to peer pressure!

Please also be aware of terrible propaganda videos from the “American College of Pediatricians” which is a actually a conservative anti-lgbtq hate group that sounds official. It is NOT official! This is NOT the “American Academy of Pediatrics”.

The American Academy of Pediatrics supports and believes in the appropriate treatment for children on the gender non-conforming and transgender spectrum.

Don’t be sucked in and misled! Continue to listen to your children! Follow your heart!


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A sign saying 'Trans rights are human rights'