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10 Aug

Hello All,

There is currently a rule change being considered which would allow direct

discrimination against transgender people by health care professionals based solely on

their “sincerely held beliefs” that trans people are not actual human beings in need of the

same dignity and respect as every other person. This will affect any trans person who

seeks health care. The rule change is coming directly from our current administration

and would be administered through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).


There is a requirement that such policy changes must be put out for a specific period of

time for public comment. You have the right to make a comment, and to tell others

that they can do the same. The time for public comment is coming close to an end (8/13),

so please consider commenting now in order to protect our children and others like



The Fed. site allows comments only up to 5,000 words, so be careful not to go over! IT IS EASY: there is a green comment box on which to click and you write your comments and info before submitting! THANK YOU!!!

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