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Very Helpful Video for Parents New to their Transgender Child!!!

16 Nov

I loved this honest video (link below)! These open and honest parents of a young adult who transitioned while in college, share their experiences: the difficulties, the challenges, the ups and the downs!

I believe every parent finding their way during this passage with their child (especially those with teenagers and older), can benefit from watching this video! Transitions are NOT easy…and many times our children become frustrated with us along the way.

WE GET TO HAVE OUR OWN PROCESS AND EXPERIENCE as our child transitions! It is always helpful to be reminded that, as parents, it will not necessarily be easy no matter how much we love and support our children!! We need to be ready to experience a myriad of emotions: fear, anger, surprise, fierce devotion, as well as joy when our more confident and happy child emerges!!

Watching this video CAN remind each of us that WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Watch the Video Here