A Mom Like You, Speaks Openly

As you can read from my blog pages and the mothers that write in, accepting that your child (no matter how old!) identifies as Transgender, is NOT EASY!!

For most of us in this day and age, we know and accept Gay men and women. It’s an identity we are familiar with and somehow, that label just doesn’t hold the same negativity as it once did. But THIS identity, when our children come out as Trans, is new to so many of us moms. While the openness of many transgender individuals is more prevalent than it has been ever before, this  expression of self catches many of us by surprise. We may not personally know any transgender individuals. We may immediately respond with fear of the negativity and lack of acceptance that we so often see in the media. The lack of experience with the positive for those who identify as Transgender may be what leads us to respond in disbelief when our children come out to us.

You are NOT alone in this reaction!

I have spoken MANY times on these pages and in response to moms that write in,  that we need to take a deep breath and realize this is our child’s truth! Stepping out of the way and focusing on our child’s present needs is incredibly important as we begin to provide them with what they truly need: ACCEPTANCE AND LOVE!

Here is an amazingly articulate piece written by a mother from the support group of which I am a member. I know you will learn so much from her honest expression of her experiences as you begin a similar journey alongside your child!

Please take the time to check out this link:

What to do when your kid comes out as transgender From a mom who’s been there