21 Jun

Transgender is NOT a mental disorder! This new medical classification allows our children the correct medical support they need and deserve without the unnecessary stigmatization!

Please read this link:

New Classification


Let us Honor our Transgender Military Service Men and Women!

28 May

As we honor those who have given their lives while serving in our country’s military on this Memorial Day, I ask you to also take a moment to honor the over 15,000 transgender men and women who currently choose to serve as well as our 134,000 transgender veterans who have already generously given!

Let us acknowledge the sacrifices of these citizens. They have served and will continue to proudly serve our country despite experiencing their own struggle with persistent injustice and inequality!

Every Win is a Step Toward Equality!

28 May

I am so incredibly humbled when I read how courageous young people are willing to put themselves on the national stage to fight for personal rights and freedoms our children deserve! Hooray for these kids and the parents, families, friends and allies that support them during these daunting challenges!

Click the links below to read articles on transgender teens’ courtroom wins!

Success in Court

Courtroom Win

Extremely Important Guide

27 May

If you are the parent of a transgender daughter that will go through transition, or you are a transgender woman, you will truly appreciate the link to this incredibly informative guide! I learned so much!!
Click on the link below and check it out!!

MTF Guide

Stuff We Moms Already Knew!

27 May

As mothers of transgender children, we just needed the science to prove what we always knew! Our children do not need “fixing” or “changing” because they are WHO THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE!!


Click on the link below to read on recent research!!

New Transgender Research

We are Moms That Step Up: No Matter the Challenge and No Matter What!

15 May

It’s not easy being a loving and supportive mother-period. That’s why we all celebrated one another yesterday! From the infant years with feeding, diapering and nurturing to the feeding, raising and nurturing for the next 18 PLUS FOREVER!! We NEVER stop being mothers! We never stop thinking of our children first!

I know that it is not always a pleasant journey to accompany your child through transition. It is scary and downright painful at times! We help our children (no matter their age) face family and friends who may be not be knowledgeable and who may lack empathy. We stand by our children even when we may harbor secret fears about their decisions. We question our ability to stay the course. And we continue to love- and love no matter what!

We realize that our love may be the link to our child’s ability to see themselves as worthy of love and success. Our encouragement is contained in the most important words spoken to our children. We support. We sustain.

Here’s an uplifting article about another mother who has chosen to do the same. Please read and remember:

We are NOT alone! We are among a growing number of loving mothers that recognize the authenticity in their children and accept them for the awesome humans they are becoming! Give yourself a big hug today and everyday!

Meet the Kansas mothers who say having trans children is a blessing

National Teacher of the Year Nails It!

7 May

This is a time when so much of our nation is divided. So many of our country’s inhabitants: our transgender children included, are considered to be on “the fringes” of our society. Hard-working folks in many areas are trying to make a difference everyday.

This is a link to an important message. Our nationally awarded Teacher of the Year made sure that her trip to the White House was not solely about her. She took time to represent others in the pins she wore and during her private meeting with the president.

I hope you will take a moment to see the short video and read the link below!

Teacher of The Year Link

Name Change and Gender Change Info!!

2 May

A fabulous young woman has put together a website that will certainly be helpful for you or your loved one! Navigating what can be (at best) a very difficult process in legally changing a name and gender markers can be frustrating! This website will help you and yours!

Click the link below and CHECK THIS OUT!!

Transgender and Name Changing Information

Impactful Educators- and Yes! They Just Happen to be Transgender!

14 Apr

As an educator myself, I was especially moved by the words of fellow teachers who make a difference through their authenticity. Let’s be honest: coming out a transgender is a huge risk! Frequently, in the school setting, this leads to greater scrutiny from parents and administrators. Despite beig put in positions that cause these transgender educators to prove themselves when their colleagues do not have to and to risk working against bias, these teachers stand in front of their students bravely each and every day knowing that their authenticity is what truly makes a difference! As one teacher said,”My gender adds to these skills, rather than detracts; my experiences have taught me sensitivity to differences, the importance of representation and inclusivity in education and the importance of practicing empathy in the classroom.”

Check out this article and other links at NPR by clicking here:
Transgender Teachers: in Their Own Voices

It’s About Time We Start to Turn the Train Around!

14 Apr

Our children deserve to be safe and valued while in school! This means being ACCEPTED! Using the restroom that aligns to one’s presentation and personal identity is NECESSARY! Several states and several major cities have ALREADY supported transgender people’s bathroom access for YEARS! It has been proven in the public as well as in schools that already have this as a standard, that using the bathroom that aligns with your identity does NOT have to be a big deal….you walk into the restroom. You do your business.

A major argument that deniers of transfolks using the bathroom of choice is that cisgendered folks (particularly women) will be “in danger”. In a large survey of transgender Americans conducted by the Williams Institute in 2013, it was concluded that 70% of respondents have been either denied access, harassed, or even assaulted in public bathrooms. So it isn’t cisgender people who are going to suffer at the hands of transgender people using the bathroom – it’s the opposite way around! Trans people just want to use the bathroom in peace, but too often, it can become a dangerous situation.

I am hopeful that decisions like the one outlined in the article below will help turn the “fear” train around!!

Check out this article:
Federal Judge Sides with Transgender Teen in Challenge Over School Locker Rooms

click here