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We are Moms That Step Up: No Matter the Challenge and No Matter What!

15 May

It’s not easy being a loving and supportive mother-period. That’s why we all celebrated one another yesterday! From the infant years with feeding, diapering and nurturing to the feeding, raising and nurturing for the next 18 PLUS FOREVER!! We NEVER stop being mothers! We never stop thinking of our children first!

I know that it is not always a pleasant journey to accompany your child through transition. It is scary and downright painful at times! We help our children (no matter their age) face family and friends who may be not be knowledgeable and who may lack empathy. We stand by our children even when we may harbor secret fears about their decisions. We question our ability to stay the course. And we continue to love- and love no matter what!

We realize that our love may be the link to our child’s ability to see themselves as worthy of love and success. Our encouragement is contained in the most important words spoken to our children. We support. We sustain.

Here’s an uplifting article about another mother who has chosen to do the same. Please read and remember:

We are NOT alone! We are among a growing number of loving mothers that recognize the authenticity in their children and accept them for the awesome humans they are becoming! Give yourself a big hug today and everyday!

Meet the Kansas mothers who say having trans children is a blessing

National Teacher of the Year Nails It!

7 May

This is a time when so much of our nation is divided. So many of our country’s inhabitants: our transgender children included, are considered to be on “the fringes” of our society. Hard-working folks in many areas are trying to make a difference everyday.

This is a link to an important message. Our nationally awarded Teacher of the Year made sure that her trip to the White House was not solely about her. She took time to represent others in the pins she wore and during her private meeting with the president.

I hope you will take a moment to see the short video and read the link below!

Teacher of The Year Link

Impactful Educators- and Yes! They Just Happen to be Transgender!

14 Apr

As an educator myself, I was especially moved by the words of fellow teachers who make a difference through their authenticity. Let’s be honest: coming out a transgender is a huge risk! Frequently, in the school setting, this leads to greater scrutiny from parents and administrators. Despite beig put in positions that cause these transgender educators to prove themselves when their colleagues do not have to and to risk working against bias, these teachers stand in front of their students bravely each and every day knowing that their authenticity is what truly makes a difference! As one teacher said,”My gender adds to these skills, rather than detracts; my experiences have taught me sensitivity to differences, the importance of representation and inclusivity in education and the importance of practicing empathy in the classroom.”

Check out this article and other links at NPR by clicking here:
Transgender Teachers: in Their Own Voices

Raising Trans* & Gender Expansive Children WITH LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, AND SUPPORT : A FREE EVENT!

28 Jan


*TRANS 101



THURSDAY, FEBRUARY, 15, 2018     6:30-8:30 PM






Fabulous FREE Conference!!

2 Oct

THIS IS WONDERFUL!! MODELS OF PRIDE conference- click on link below!

Register today for the 25th anniversary of the world’s largest FREE conference for LGBTQ youth and allies! It’s going to be an amazing day full of workshops, entertainment, food, and more!

Terrific Free Movie to Stream!

19 Sep

It’s not too late to sign up for free streaming of our award-winning documentary, “STRAIGHTLACED- HOW GENDER’S GOT US ALL TIED UP” in honor of Ally Week 2017!! “Straightlaced”, explores the pressures that ALL teens face when it comes to dealing with gender norms and sexuality.

Please take a minute to watch this AMAZING trailer, then GO TO:

Great Article!

14 Sep

Teaching all of our children about gender doesn’t have to be brain surgery! It doesn’t have to be painful or controversial. It CAN be discussed openly and honestly. It CAN be discussed respectfully. Even at a young age!

Below is the link to a story from Northern California, from actually a generally conservative area. A discussion of gender was handled beautifully in a kindergarten classroom. I’m sure ALL of these students have benefited from the honesty presented!

Check it out:



26 Mar

What a fabulous article! Consider reading this and passing this along to educators you know!

“Ongoing learning is key. Educators need to engage in regular professional development to build a school climate that avoids gender stereotyping and affirms the gender of all children. Every child has the right to learn in a safe and accepting school environment. And supporting gender expansive students gives schools an opportunity to help all children succeed.”

Happening Tomorrow

17 Sep


Guest Blog: Fabulous Mom Sharing Her Insightful Experience!

13 Oct

There is a fabulous parent support group in Los Angeles. They completely rescued me 4 years ago when I felt so alone during the first months of my journey! While I no longer attend monthly parent meetings (while the kids and their sibs attend groups for their ages), I continue to stay connected through frequent e-mails.

This is how I found Cyndie Klein! She is, like you, a loving and supportive mom, standing up for her child and learning along the way. Her family attended the recent 23rd Annual Models of Pride conference on the campus of the USC in Los Angeles. I am so pleased to share wonderful Cyndie and her articulate reflections with you:

Hi Everyone,
We went to Models of Pride yesterday and wow….what a great day!  It was our families first time, in fact it was our first time at anything like this for the LGBTQ community and we were overwhelmed with emotions at the end of the day.
I’d like to share a story of my revelation this morning…its a bit long so continuing on is completely up to you:)
I was going through my bag from yesterday’s event and throwing away the papers I don’t need and rereading some of what we heard.  I was finishing up when I came across our lanyards lying on the table.  You know those necklaces you get with your name on it when you check in?  We received the black Models of Pride lanyard with our name tag hanging off the bottom as our pass to be there for the day.  We also received another lanyard for participating in a panel where we discussed some challenges we have faced with our Trans son and where we could share a little of our story with others.  This lanyard was bright in color with the LGBT and rainbow insignia on it.  I picked up the lanyards off the dining room table but I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them.  This was the first event we had ever been to for the LGBTQ community and we were very proud to have been there.  I tried to think of a place I could keep these lanyards for now so as they hung from my hand, I walked through the house looking for a spot.  When I got to the den I saw the board on the wall with all the pegs on it.  I thought, “This is perfect”, so I looked for an empty peg.  You see, all the pegs had my husband’s medals from his many marathons hanging from them, 24 to be exact.  As my eyes fell on the last peg I had to laugh.  I saw that my husband had the same idea and had already hung his lanyards there.  I hung mine on the same one.  I started to leave the room but when I got to the door I glanced back at the peg board to look at the lanyards again and immediately halted and starred at all the lanyards hanging from the board.  All of them with these beautiful medals representing the incredibly disciplined, hard work one does for a marathon.  The ones from yesterday, however, didn’t have bright shiny medals but instead they had name tags in plastic sleeves with our hand written name and designated pronoun on them.  As I stood there I became aware of the fact that out of all the lanyards hanging there theses are the ones that mean the most.  These simple lanyards without the pretty painted lettering and polished medal like the rest of them.  These simple lanyards represented so much more.  This marathon was much longer and much more grueling than any of the others.  This marathon was not a mere 26.2 miles but instead, this one took years.  There were many trips and falls before finally reaching this finish line, but arriving as we did yesterday was one of the biggest achievements of our parental lives.  As I turn and walk from the room and through the door I hear the bang of the start gun in my head and I know that we are off again as another marathon begins.  So, this is not the end but the beginning of yet many more to come.  But just like any workout done over time, all the hard work that got you through the first one gets you in better shape and prepares you a little more for what’s to come in the next one and I feel like we are in the best shape we have ever been in.  So as my husband an I start this new run with our incredible son, we feel like we will breathe a little easier, be a bit more prepared and maybe a little less tired and worn out by the time we get to the next finish line to receive our next lanyard.