Groundbreaking Study

I know it is VERY common for we moms of transgender children to worry that the time we did NOT acknowledge our children’s true identities- that time period may have resulted in harm to our children’s self esteem.

Yup, that’s just ONE fear on the LONG list of “What am I guilty of doing to my kid?!”

Fear NO MORE!!! The link below takes you to a report of a new study that demonstrates that our transgender children DO enjoy as strong a sense of identity as a cis-gender child does!!

“…transitioning doesn’t affect a transgender child’s sense of self”!!!!

This is HUGE news! We can trust that our children will be able to go on to lead healthy emotional lives! Meanwhile, we DO need to continue to believe our children, trust what they tell us (no matter their ages!!), and support them as they acknowledge their authentic identities!! And while we continue to do so, Mommies, give yourself a break!! You are NOT guilty of any loss of identity!!!

Groundbreaking Study- click here